Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife

After getting mariage, a couple doesn’t a many time to spent each other because of being busy at work individually. So Valentine’s Day is the time to warm up the ralationship, to make your home happier. Moreover, your woman derveres all of your affections.

However, not just like the fist time you fell in love, it’s so difficuft to find the gift to express your love. Here is all what you need, the list of Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife:

Marc Jacobs Wristlet

If your wife is a business woman, this wallet is very suiatble for her. Part wallet, part purse, part phone case — the wristlet is kind of like a life hack for girls. This leather number will keep all her valuable essentials in one place.
$104.47 at

Urban Ears Washable Headphones

 Sometimes it’s difficult to sort out the good earmuffs from the bad ones or just what is available out there in hearing protection. These headphones are not only workable for music but also broaden the experience of skype calling and other such activities.

$49.00 at

Nike Roshe Runs

This Nike classical style is brand new trend. They have a unique simple look compared to other shoes. They are the ideal everyday shoes for go-getter women.  They are light weight and very comfortable. Your wife can  do where them in the gym and casually.

$109.99 at

Balenciaga Perfume

This gift coul be a surprise that you know she wouldn’t expect in a million thoughts.Tell her all day that she’s so beautiful, give her this kind of perfurm and say your wife ‘s so lovely to deserve to have it. With a sophisticated bouquet, Balenciaga Paris delivers a unique and perfectly blended light scent that’s both mysterious and familiar. Floral with accentuated violet, the scents also integrates redistilled like cedar and patchouli.

$58.31 at

North Face E-tip Gloves

This breathable glove is a favorite of long-distance runners training in cool conditions. Etip functionality means your woman can change her music on the trail without removing the glove, and the silicone palm makes sure she  doesn’t drop her MP3 player while she does it. The North Face built these gloves from the inside out to ensure your wife  get a consistent size.

$51.32 at

Kate Spade Knot Bangle

This bangle from Kate Spade New York is elegant with its minimalist look and tiny nautical knot detailing. It can be paired with either casual or formal attire — perfect for the classic woman. Add a nautical twist to her  collection with kate spade new york’s bangle bracelet. Inspired by sailor’s knots, this hinged design adds charm by the boatload.
$48.00 at

Kate Spade Bangle

This engraved bangle is the perfect way to deliver a sweet message in a stylish way!  A cool and simple way to let her know her worth.

$60.71 at

Tom Ford Lipstick

The Lip Color Matte formula is a lipstick with a velvety semi-matte finish. They are designed to be matte lipsticks but they aren’t really a traditional full matte . The Tom Ford Lip Color Mattes have a soft cushy velvety texture. They glide on smoothly onto the lips and don’t look dry. No matter what her stance is on makeup — unless she actually doesn’t want anything to do with the stuff, this subtle “Spanish Pink” shade with a velvety texture from Tom Ford is guaranteed to be appreciated.
$66.00 at

Adult Magazine

A Valentine’s Day gift for the literary type, Adult Magazine hits the mark between artistic and erotic. It comes full of photography, art, book critiques, short stories and explorative essays.
$19.00 at

Malin+Goetz Starter Kit

The foaming gel cleanser synthesizes natural grapefruit extracts with nourishing amino acids to gently and thoroughly cleanse, purify, hydrate and balance all skin types. Unlike traditionally harsh detergents, this daily cleanser rinses residue-free without irritating, drying, or stripping; helping to reduce epidermal stress. Natural fragrance and color. Easily integrated into daily maintenance and prevention regimeFor the traveller, this Malin+Goetz starter kit is a perfect addition to her overnight bag.
$40.56 at

Cashmere Socks

Cashmere anything is good bet for Valentine’s Day. These exquisitely soft socks are a real treat for her feet..
$15.00 at

The Kinfolk Table

Does your wife love reading book? And she is very elegant, isn’t she? Don’t hesitate to place it on the bed so that after waking up in the early morning on Valentine ‘s Day, she must be so surpried. Featuring profiles of 45 different “tastemakers”, The Kinfolk Table recaptures all the charm of it’s quarterly magazine. With stellar images, recipes and stories, this book will quickly become her favorite coffee table item.
$23.49 at

Sagaform Trio Planter

Flowers are never missed for an special occation like this— their only flaw is that they don’t last very long.Sure, growing your own requires a bit more effort, but we guarantee it’s worth it — plus you can use the planter to keep summer herbs. A totally practical gift for her.
$54.99 at

Longchamp Bag

This timeless bag is an essential addition to her collection that will ever go out of style.  Featuring superior quality in a fun variety of colors and its signature packable feature, this bag doesn’t discriminate; it’s perfect for everyone.
$229 at

Cruiser Turntable

The Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable is a fun retro record player in a colorful carrying case.A first glance, the Crosley Cruiser looks like a small suitcase from the 1960′s. But when you open the case, it’s a fully functional vinyl record player. Its small compact design makes it portable and allows it to easily fit on a small table or file cabinet.Sleek, portable and undeniably cool, you  will be able to take the party with her wherever you go with Crosley Radio’s ‘Cruiser’ turntable complete with built-in speakers.  The perfect choice for music lovers with a vintage flare.
$79.95 at

Givenchy Perfume

The other perfect choice for perfurm. If she’s a combination of traditional elegance and energetic pop this may very well be the signature scent she’s been coveting!  Living up to its name Givenchy’s Very Irresistible will allow her to experience the luxury of fragrance.
$50.87 at

Nixon Watch

With its clear wristband and solid dial, this unconventional watch from Nixon is for the girl who doesn’t take things too seriously. It’s simple but looks so luxurious.
$75.00 at

Valentine’s Day can come with a fair bit of pressure to make it as romantic and amazing as possible, but relax, it’s not too difficult to show your love and to be genuine. At the heart of the day is thinking about your wife and what she appreciates, then doing it. If you plan the day right, she will think of you glowingly for months, even years.