Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

Hey man,  you are looking forwards to Valentine’s day, aren’t you? ‘Cause this is the best occation to show how much you love your woman. However you are so confused to find the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women. Don’t be worried, these Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas below can help you out. These Valentine’s Day Gift not only  make your womenhappy for sure but also warm up your love.

White dial quartz watch by Fossil

Fossil is very suitable for producing beautiful watches. This particular watch is a classic Fossil ES1967. All white, it comes with a white tone case and white dial with the markers featured in silver. The sub dials of this watch is blue which stands out against the white dial. The outer layer of the watch has a top ring with crystals set in it.

Spa – in – basket

This is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her. This basket can contain  bath salts, bath gel, lotion, soap, a massage tool made of wood, sponge and even a pair of comfortable slippers; everything that a woman needs to relax after a hard day’s work. All of this comes encased in a wicker basket.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend and also for you is here. You must be a manimpressed by her perfume. It’s time for you to express to her that you are always want to be by her side.

This eau de partum introduced by Sarah Jessica Parker. This perfume is very pleasing to the senses and is a blend of mandarin, lavender, bergamot, rosewood, apple martini. These fragrances together led to the creation of Lovely. It is absolutely useful to be worn daily and contains hints of cedar, white amber, orchid and also patchouli which keep her feeling (or should I say smelling fresh) everyday.

Coffee Maker by Hamilton Beach

Two of you often sip coffee together, do you thing this is Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her? This coffee maker by Hamilton can be used to brew just a single cup of coffee or even an entire pot. This appliance is made of stainless steel and is programmed with an auto shut off. It has brew strength of regular or bold variety. It also can  brew coffee directly in the coffee mug using a function on it known as single serve. You will have cups of coffee at home like those in  any of famous  coffee shops outside.

Sheepskin Ear Muffs from Snugrugs

These earmuffs are made using 100% genuine sheepskin. It will make your woman looks so pretty when wearing it on snowing day. It comes with a wide head band to seat comfortably on the head and is designed for some extra comfort and also some added warmth. They come in about five distinct and beautiful colours, so you can have your pick. Each pair of these earmuffs comes beautifully packed in an attractive box.

Mini Tote Keychain by Tory Burch

Pink is the colour that every woman love because it make her look more elegant. This lovely little tote bag comes equipped with a split key ring of approximately 1 ¼”. The tote bag is completely made of leather and comes complete with a Tory Burch logo of its own. The keychain has a gold tone all over it.

Heart Pendant Necklace by Sterling Silver

Another Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Pink colour.  It seems like her love  always shines  on you because of ruby heart. O top of this heart, there is a smaller one made of sapphire. The border is lined with diamonds. This entire necklace is crafted using a .925 sterling silver.

Indoor/Outdoor Grill by George Foreman

Babercue will be easiest than ever with this appliance. Grilling can’t get simpler than this. All you need to do is simply plug it and let it be for 10 minutes to preheat. The grill comes with an adjustable heat range from low to high so you can use the required heat level depending on what is being grilled. This grill can be used as a table top or also on a pedestal at.

Dark chocolate liqueurs by Anthony Berg

The list of Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women will never forget Chocolate. These gourmet bottles of chocolate have luscious liqueurs filled in it from some of the finest makers. This box contains about 64 Chocolate Liqueurs bottles. The fillings in these have liqueurs like Jack Daniels, Danka Vodka, Remy Martin Cognac and several more belonging to the same class of liqueur.

Shoulder Bag by VW Collection

This is an official product licensed by VW_the brand that none of women can ignore.  This bag is made using imitation leather of very good quality. It has an adjustable strap, inner pockets for assorting different things and a couple of zipper in the front. The design of this bag is like that of the VW T1 Bus designs.

Long Sleeve Sweater Jumper by V28

This jumper comes in two sizes, S and M. The material used to make the jumper, Viscose, is very soft and gives as silky feeling. The material is a little difficult to wash as but is extremely beautiful.  There are many colours for your choice. If you understand her style and choose the right colour she loves, this gift is the good idea for you.

Charm Bracelet by Juicy Couture

This charm bracelet comes with a “J” charm and a puffed heart by Juicy Couture. It forms a foundation to make your own custom charm bracelet. It is metallic and comes in two colours – gold and rose gold both of which are very elegant. It looks gorgeous on just about anything she wears so is a perfect piece of jewellery.

Single shoulder dress by Angel fashions

Do you want your woman will be show up on Valentine’s Day with this dress? This blue coloured single shoulder dress has a split in the front which simply adds to the charm. A band of rhinestones run along the centre of the dress. The fabric is quite stretchy and comfortable to wear but do check out the dress size to make sure that it fits perfectly.

Eco – friendly Pajamas by Texeresilk

Turn your woman’s home by giving her this pajamas. Bamboo is a sustainable plant and also grows naturally with minimal water requirement. The fabric for these pajamas is made from viscose, a material derived from bamboo. The fabric is a blend of 95% viscose while the other 5% is Spandex. The pajamas shirt comes with raglan sleeves while the pants have pockets on both the sides.No matter what her personality, you can find sleepwear she will love. Her last thoughts as she drifts off to sleep will be of you and your incredible gift giving abilities.

The I Love You neckpiece

This necklace comes with an onyx stone necklace on which is written “I Love You” in 120 international languages. These are printed on 24kt gold. It is approximately 18” 45cm in length and the chain is made using 925 sterling silver. This gorgeous piece of jewellery comes with a magnifying glass.

Wooden Jewellery Box by ShalinIndia

Very little men knows women always need the box like this. This jewellery box is basic and simple yet has something about it which makes it attractive. It is made completely using natural wood and has a brass plate inlay in the shape of an elephant on the wood which increases the elegance quotient of this box.

Tea Flowering Organic Gift Set by Numi

This gift set comes encased in a dark mahogany case and has six bouquets which when placed in hot water will blossom out into beautiful shapes and have exquisite flavours as well. They range from rich and bold to sweet and subtle. Watching these hand sewn flower blossoms and tea leaves take their shape is a joy in itself.

Kit for her tips and toes by Burt’s Bees

This set consists 6 of the most popular products of Burt’s Bees. This package includes Pomegranate Lip Balm, Hand cream made using Almond milk and bees wax, Grape seed and Honey Hand cream, coconut foot cream, Hand salve and Lemon Butter cream. All of these products are completely natural.

Bronze family tree by Phillip Whitney

This family tree is about 20” high and is 18” across and is elegant to look at even without the picture frames. However this comes with six picture frames and each can be tied anywhere on the entire tree. Although it is supposed to be a family tree, it can be used simply as a collection of picture from some of the memorable days of your love.  Image that your woman place many of  photo you and her are together on her desk, you must be a very lucky man.

Scarf Hanger

This product is designed to get over that kind of confusion. It is a scarf organiser but can also hold soft belts, neck ties, tights, hosiery and just about anything that is lying around the closet – a woman has a thousand thing like those.. All in all, this hanger can hold ten items and helps evrery thing in order.

Romantic Coupon Book

Whether you’ve been married to the wonderful woman for 50 years or have just started dating her, this is just the perfect thing if both of you are into cheeky and fun things. This paperback book comes with 24 couponswith High quality gloss-paper, with perforations for easy tear.

This book alone may not be a great option to gift but this will complement just about anything that you get her.

Himalayan Light by WBM

This one of a kind basket has Himalayan salt crystals which have been mined by hand in the Himalayan Mountains. It has a 25 watt light bulb inside and has a soothing effect on the surroundings. The salts get heated and will begin releasing negative ions in the air. These ions do the same work as that of an ionizer and hence helps in the purifying the air as well.

Makeup Brush set by Lamora

This set comes with 10 brushes and come in a very charming case. These Kabuki brushes fulfil every need that may arise while applying makeup whether it is buffing, tapering or something else. Each of these brushes has bristles which are synthetic and also non – porous and hence will not trap or absorb the product that is being applied.

I’m very impressed with these brushes. They have a nice weight in the hand and the bristles are so soft! I was looking at purchasing the Sigma version, but at $150, it was too steep for me. I own hundreds of brushes from MAC, Bare Escentuals, Tarte, Too Faced, etc. …

Vegetable slicer by Paderno World Cuisine

If you are looking for a gift for a women who loves to cook then this is bound to make her happy. It makes the tedious task of chopping very fun and easy and the outcome is beautiful spirals of vegetables which she can use in her cooking. It comes with three sets of blades.

Hand and Body soap by CICI & SISI

This set consists of 18 pieces of soap all of which come in the shape of a rose. The colours of these rose petals are very attractive as well. For hands, peel off one petal, wet hands and rub between palms to lather. One petal is more than enough to one wash. For bathing: Simply sprinkle a handful of the rose petals into bath tub with half-filled warm water. They foam and dissolve to create a refreshing, fragrant bath.

Silver Butterfly Necklace

This delicate pendant is hand crafted and inlaid vibrant colours. This pendant comes with a 14K gold or a sterling silver chain. The butterfly is considered to be a good luck charm for the wearer. Handcrafted by Adina Plastelina, it is coated with rhodium and enamel which ensures that the butterfly remains glorious for a very long time.A women who have purchased this item already have portrayed an overwhelming image about this.

Heart shaped Bamboo plant

The bamboo has a heart made naturally using its branches. This is approximately 10” tall and is about 3” wide and comes in a beautiful glass vase. It is very easy to maintain as compared to other plants. All it needs is some fresh water and the water needs to be changed every few days. The plant will practically last forever like the love you have for the person you will gift it to.

Journal Diary by Store Indya

This hand embossed journal is made with 100% leather and has about 100 handmade sheets.Being handcrafted with passion and attention to detail each piece will make a unique individualistic statement on your study or bedside tabThe dimensions of the diary are length – 15.2 cm width – 10.2 cm with handcrafted out of Indian leather with 75 pages of recycled Indian cotton paper

Gift this to her so that she can pen her innermost and possibly secretive thoughts which she would not want to share with anyone but herself.

Red Wine Aerator by Venturi

This six piece set is simply stunning to look at and it will always have admirers. Wine needs air to enhance the flavour as it breathes and this mixes wine with air to do just that. Give this elegant gift to the elegant lady you adore so much who you know throws great parties.

Tennis Bracelet by sterling Silver

This beautiful bracelet has sapphires and diamonds in a prong setting in silver. At just $197, it bracelet is unbelievably beautiful and will look very pretty in any lady’s arm and will make any lady happy to own something this beautiful.

Snow Boots by KEXIN

Show her you are up on fashion from down under by giving her these boots. The sheepskin lining ensures her feet will remain toasty no matter what type of inclement weather comes her way.These beautiful boots come in three colours – black, white and brown. The faux rabbit fur is detachable and is perfect for any season..It is also very easy to clean. If you know the foot size of the person you are gifting it to then this perfect.

Coat outwear by AshopZ

This long sleeve outwear comes with a zipper. It has a hood and is lined with faux fur on the inside. The fur lining is thick and is designed to keep the person warm and at the same time is detachable.  Forget the cold because it is perfect even on low minus degree   It has two front pockets and a belt at mid length.

Diamond and Sapphire finger ring by Stackable Expressions

This sterling silver ring has diamonds and sapphires alternating with each other. This ring is one of the best sellers on Amazon.  Because it’s suitable for different styles and very easy to match with clothes.

Kindle Paperwhite 3G

If you are trying to find something for someone who is into reading then there probably nothing better than Kindle. A single charge lasts up to eight weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 10. Our breakthrough power management technology allows you to leave the light on at all times for the best possible contrast without sacrificing battery life.

Pearl Scarf by Passion for Fashion

This scarf is crocheted with pearls in between them and is very elegant to look at. It comes in a variety of colours and at $7.99 you can buy more than one considering how beautiful it is. This is very suitable for spring weather.  It contains about 72 pearls in it and is handcrafted with rayon. Although it is a scarf it can be used as a belt, necklace or even a tie, not only fashion but also veery elegant.

Gold Foil Rose

This gold foil rose is made using 24k gold and considering that the rose is a symbol of love, a golden rose makes a great gift for someone you love. It will never spoil and will keep reminding the person you give it to how much you love and adore her. It is completely handcrafted and will practically last forever.

Multi Function Wallet by Fossil

This wallet has a zipper and comes with a leather lining. It is very soft and comes in two attractive colours and patterns. Any woman would love to have one of these. It has sufficient space to hold everything that a woman wants to carry around and at $65 it is more than worth the price. Its size is just right and will fit into any purse. It has sufficient enough pockets to hold all of your cards as well.

Top Handle Bag by Anne Klien

This bag comes in black and white. It is made with 100% polyvinyl chloride and has a top zipper for closing. The inside of the purse has a fabric lining in a beautiful red colour. It comes with double handles and a detachable cross body strap. It is large enough to hold a lot of things and petite enough to look extremely pretty. It has top zip closure,bouble handles with a drop length of 7.5 inches,Detachable crossbody strap with a length 18 inches,with exterior slip pocket and interior features backwall zippered pocket and two frontwall slip pockets

Necklace by Fun Daisy

This extremely popular and high end necklace has been seen on the likes of Princess Kate Middleton. It can match with many dresses with diferent colours.  It is made from an alloy and has no gem stones encrusted in it but it looks completely elegant on just about any dress on any occasion, especially on a romantic date. The list of Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women will never forget necklace.

Success gift pen by Ezekiel

This is a 3 in 1 writing pen which. It can be used as a stylus for all sorts of touch screen devices and also as a LED light when necessary. It has some beautiful motivational engravings on it.  It is made with anodized aluminium and the ball point pen it encases has black ink in it. It comes in a beautiful case and the pen itself looks amazingly elegant. It makes women so successful and professional.

All the gifts that have been mentioned in this article are for ideas and notions. You can brain storm and select other different items as well to propose your women on this coming Valentine’s Day.